Fiber Optic Tool Boxes

AF-TBX Series

AF-TBX Tool Box

This new addition to the AFS toolbox family offers two low cost termination solutions and has everything needed to strip, prep, terminate, crimp, polish, and inspect fiber connectors and cables. AFS also offers application solutions that include a power meter and light source for testing a cable after it has been terinated, please see the AF-TBX5 Series toolboxes for more details.

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AF-TBX5 Series

AF-TBX5 Tool Box

The TBX5 Series toolbox from AFS has everything needed to strip, prep, terminate, crimp, polish, inspect, and test fiber connectors.

This toolbox was designed to be a complete package for the installer or the technician. This kit contains the tools to terminate and polish SC, ST or FC connectors, a 200x microscope for inspecting fibers, an OM100A series power meter and an OS400 series source for testing loss through multimode or single-mode cables. Any style adapter can be used on the meter, making it possible to adapt to any job. A fiber continuity tester allows for a quick check of fiber cables. With the optional 6-port oven the connector curing time is greatly reduced.

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AF-TBX6 Series

AF-TBX6 Tool Box

This new toolbox from AFS has everything needed to Strip, Prep, Terminate, Crimp, Polish, Inspect, Test and Document Fiber Connectors.

Like the TBX5 Series the TBX6 Series toolboxes are the complete solution necessary for the installer to test, terminate, trouble shoot and document fiber optic systems. These toolboxes are designed to enable testing of all parameters of fiber optic networks, including output power levels from the fiber, coupled source power and attenuation loss in a cable.

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