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AF-DI-1000 Fiber Scope

Our latest introduction to the DR500 series line is the ferrule end fiber scope which enables the technician to view the end surface of the ferrule with an enhanced image of the fiber core and cladding.

With AF-DI-1000* scope attached to the DR500 series OTDR via the side USB port the technician is able to determine the quality of the surface of the ferrule. The fiber scope enables the technician to see scratches, scrapes, dirt or any residual that might be on the ferrules surface area. If desired the fiber end image can be saved and downloaded to the PC for further analysis.

The DI-1000 scope includes a range of connectors and tips for a wide range of applications. Please see the ordering information grid below for the complete list of accessories included with the AF-DI-1000 kit. Other connectors and tips that are not included in the standard package are also available. Please contact Advanced Fiber Solutions or your local distributor for more information.

*Not included in DR500 series kit and should be ordered separately

Ordering Information

DR500 Series Fiber Scope Kit Includes
DI-1000 Standard Package:
1. DI-1000 USB 2.0 Digital Inspection probe
2. Tip for SC and FC PC type female connectors
3. Tip for LC PC type female connectors
4. Universal tip for 2.5mm PC male connectors
5. Universal tip for 1.25mm PC male connectors
6. Carrying case
7. CD with Connector View (standard) software, driver, and User's manual

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